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Paint some bobby pins with nail polish. Use heat bound tape glue two pieces of fabric together back to back. Cut dragonfly wings out of the fabric and attach to the bobby pin.
It all started with Lynnderella. If you haven't heard about it already,  read all about it here. Some of her nail polish was sold on eBay for hundreds of dollars (sources say one went up for well over $800). I mean come on, you shouldn't pay $800 for a bottle of nail polish on eBay unless the glitters grouped themselves into a portrait of Virgin Mary.

I used Sally Girl clear nail polish as a base, since it's cheap and the bottle is tiny and I don't want to waste a big bottle of expensive top coat for an experiment.

For the glitter I used Black Hex 0.062, Black Hex 0.040, Black Fiber, Black Square 0.062, White Hex 0.062, White Hex 0.040, and White Fiber. I got all the glitters from TKB Trading.

First cover your work surface with a plastic bag, the glitters are very hard to clean up if you spill any. Make a funnel to pour your glitters by rolling a 4''x4'' (about 10cmx10cm) piece of paper into a cone (leave a hole small enough to fit the opening of the nail polish bottle but big enough to let the glitters to flow at a good rate) and tape the edge. You will also need a bamboo skewer or other thin stick to push the glitter into the bottle.

First combine all the glitters in a sturdy ziploc bag. Pour a tiny bit of nail polish out if the bottle is full to make room for all the glitter. fit the funnel into the opening of the bottle and very carefully pour glitters in. You will need to push the glitters in with a stick. To ensure even coverage you will need to put a lot of glitters in (I used about 1 teaspoons of glitter for a tiny .18oz/15ml bottle). After pouring the glitters in you might want to wait a bit for all the glitters to settle and see how much more you will need to pour in. The end result should have enough glitter in it that you don't need to shake the bottle for the brush to reach the glitters.

Maybe it's because I bought the cheaper fabric covered button kit, but I had a really hard time getting the button shank to stay on (you can see the edge of the button on the left is uneven). I'm not very patient when it comes to making things, so most complicated cross stitch patterns are out of question for me. Buttons are the perfect size for me...