Архивы блога - Land of Silk and Candy
I ordered some ring blanks along with glass cabochons  that should fit in the ring blanks. Unfortunately I ran into some issues with the supplier and the cabochons never got to me. I decided to use epoxy instead. Below is the pattern for the clock face if you want to make your own. Just shrink it down to the correct size and cut it out.
Some people might find it surprising, but I actually really hate wearing necklaces despite the numbers of necklaces I make. I just hate the feeling of something hard constantly on the nape of my neck. Short and heavy necklaces such as heavy pearl strands are especially problematic for me. I decided to put each end of the necklace on a brooch and pin the two brooches to my lapel. This way nothing will touch the back of my neck.
I made this in a hurry and it just didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, I probably should have taken a little more time. I will make a better one as soon as I find the right purse.
I've noticed detachable collar is becoming trendy and some people actually wear it as a necklace. I have lots of old lace collars around collecting dust because I'm too lazy to match them with the right shirts to sew on. So I decided to turn some of them into necklaces instead. I sewed two ends together, and string a black ribbon through the front to tie into a bow.