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Steampunk? Victorian? Lolita? Burlesque? Goth? I'm not sure what category this should belong to, since people seem to use these (completely different) words interchangeably on eBay and etsy anyway.
I started off with a pair of dyeable shoes I got from eBay. The fabric is a matte sateen, which is more durable than shiny satin.
I used food coloring for the dye, add 5 drops or so to 1/4 cup of water. Test the color on a paper towel first.
The colors will blend together nicely if you work quickly enough. Have napkin ready nearly to wipe off any excess dye that might drip off.
With shoe clips inspired by Irregular  Choice .
I bought this ring from eBay for 99 cents
Paint the hearts white first before painting a bright color, the color will show up brighter.