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Most of these pendants call for either resin mix or clear cabochon that fits the pendant blank exactly. You can make them with only clear and white nail polish. Cut the printout to the size of the blank, brush white nail polish to the back side of the print out and let it dry. Brush a thick layer of white nail polish to the metal blank, make sure you cover the entire empty space, then immediately put the printout over the new nail polish, make sure there's no air bubble. The two should bind together. After it dried completely, brush with many layers of clear nail polish.
This is a no-brainer project. I used two heart shaped iron on patches on top of two black grosgrain ribbon bows. The shoes I used are Bloch Rhythm tap shoes (without the taps). I'm considering putting either a t-strap on them or multiple straps.
I altered a lot of plain t-shirts, I never knew there's a name for it. As it turned out it's called cutsew. This term is most often used Lolita fashion. Well TIL.
Happy New Year!