Peacock - Land of Silk and Candy
I decided to survey my overflowing box of supplies and use up some stuff I've had for a long time. I got at least a dozen peacock feathers and a piece of netting with velvet dots that I've saved for some potential epically special project that never really come into fruition. Well damn it, I figured, I will use it this week because that epically special project can only exist if I actually make it. I first made the netting into a bow (it's too small to be made into a veil) and attach that onto a tiny hat base. Then I trimmed 4 peacock feather eyes and covered the end of the feather with a fake ancient Greek gold coin and a gold bow. (The flip side of the coin has the Greek letters  Ἀ θ Ε with an owl, which means the face is actually Athena, whose symbol is an owl. Although I feel that the peacock feathers made it looks more ancient Roman/Egyptian since the ancient Greeks had much fewer luxury items such as exotic animals. This page shows the actual coin, which was made in silver instead of gold.)

Oh I learned this week that 1. both male and female birds are called peafowls, 2. only the male birds called  peacocks while a female peafowl is called a peahen, 3. an infant peafowl is called a peachick.

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