Nevermore - Land of Silk and Candy
Besides making things, my other hobby is reading about history of fashion and literature. My current obsession is Gothic literature, and after clicking through related articles on Wikipedia, I remembered The Simpsons did their own version of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven (see below)
This is great for my crafter's block because I bought a copper photo locket that I need to figure out what to make it into. (This is actually a cool concept since you can put anything in there and it will instantly become a necklace that you can wear). After watching the video again I finally decided to draw a picture of a raven's silhouette against a watercolor blue background.

 I really like the chain that comes with the locket. I've noticed most Victorian necklaces has very unusual chains made from elongated bar links instead of simple circle links.
This is the best version I can find on Youtube (I can't embed anything else on Weebly). A better quality video can be found here.

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