Fruity - Land of Silk and Candy
Here are some fruity headgears I made recently. I first painted the fruits on felt with acrylic paint and water color, then I glue them onto a cardboard base.
This is the first one I made, I painted the smaller kiwi first to see how well acrylic and water color work on felt. I found that the best way to paint felt is paint the fuzzy general color part first using water color on wet or damp felt, then paint the hard-edged details using a small pointed brush with acrylic paint. I made the larger kiwi into a kiwi cocktail hat.
...while the smaller kiwi was made into a strawberry kiwi headband. I painted the strawberries directly on red felt.
Finally, a granny smith apple cocktail hat. The base is a little hard to make.
4/25/2016 04:21:32


I´m a milliner from Germany and have been looking all over the internet to find ways to paint on felt without the color sinking into it and to actually be able to paint clean lines. I just came across this post and love what you did! Sooooo CUTE!

You mentioned that you used acrylic paints for the hard-edged parts. Do you remember what color you used? Was it from a crafts store and was it water based acrylic or resin?

I would love it if you could give me some tips on this since you seemed to have absolutely mastered it :) Best wishes, Susi


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